I met my school friends after like 18 years at a whatsapp group and many of them thought I would have graduated either from Indus Valley or studied  Media Arts. 

My Computer communication degree took them by surprise and I told them “Abu advised me an important lesson just before starting my professional career that three things in your life are important:

1. Do something creative that will keep you happy
2. Something Professionally that will earn you money 

3. Do something that will keep you fit“

I am a self taught painter who grew the passion for art at an early age. My father kept framing my small zig zag paintings when I was just 6 years old. He started taking me to an art exhibitions whenever he got a chance. He bought me so many different medium of art supplies and sketchbooks so i could keep painting. Equally he invested in my sports and paid for my various sports training without frowning. I participated at many school to university level competitions and traveled throughout the country at young age. This diversity kept me grounded and I learnt to explore many hidden talents inside me.

Today I am not afraid to learn new things because I believe it’s within me somewhere and I will do it. Trusting is believing and believing is doing. 

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