When the whole world seems upside down with hatred, pandemic and much more. Where do I find the ray of hope, the ray of positivity? Its been more than 3 months when my preschooler son is home and he is inquisitee, ask questions, wants to know more.

His focus is shifted from ‘I’ to ‘I want’ and as he noticed the vast world around him. Along with his desire for exploring the world and independence is growing nearly every sentence he utters comes with ‘Why’ and ‘How’.  These days often he asks me questions about his hair color, his eyes color. This is the prime time of growth when kids at his age learn about characteristics that have long grouped and divided human race, ethnicity, gender and physical appearance. That comes from the color of eyes to curls of the hair.

Last night after bath I slipped him into his pjs which matched his Spiderman quilt. I brushed his hair, detangled them and he sat down in my lap. On and on he chatted about his curious questions and asked ‘Why my hair is black and bouncy? Why is my skin color brown and not white like my friend?’. The next question he asked me ‘My teacher says my hair are silky and bouncy does it mean they look better than blond hair’? 

I looked at him and I wanted to teach him golden rule: ‘Treat others, think about others as you want them to treat you’. 

I asked him ‘would you like if someone tells you his blonde hair are better than yours? How would you feel? Because you are not better than anyone in your kindergarten and don’t ever make anyone believe like you are. we have dark hair and brown skin because we are from different ethnicity.’ He winced and hugged me.

Many conversations don’t have answers, but I want him to teach tolerance and resist the notion of supremacy. I want him to grow into an adult who will value his ethnicity and honor diversity. Maybe someday when he starts school, he might remember what I said to him last night and be better person for it.

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