Today is a day when my son is officially a preschooler. We told him you are a big kid now you will go to school next year. As a preschooler program in his kindergarten they have a week trekking/picnic in forest where all the preschoolers will spend time together, learn about each other and behave responsibly by taking care of their stuff, packing, taking care of their rucksacks and walk longer trails by foot.

The other day when I called him munchkin baby, he didn’t like it. It had been his nickname since he was a baby, he was small, chubby, baby face. He mentioned to me don’t call me baby I am a ‘wackelzähne kind’ now (a term used in his Kintergarten for Preschoolers).

The baby age came when I was anxious, over tired and over worked and never imagined I would miss it terribly; that’s the hardest, the not knowing and missing changes.

The last time he sat still in my lap was maybe many months back and now he told me he’s big enough for my lap. I am not sure this time when I hold his hands to cross the road and later would be the last time, he will let me hold his hand.

I still enjoy his secret crawls in our bed early morning every day and have no idea when the last time would be. For now, I am cherishing all the new firsts in our lives, the first trekking, the first trip, the first alone play date, the first alone water slide and much more.

It’s weird how independent I always wanted him to be but at the same time it scares me he would not need me anymore.

Today I told him how proud I feel because this was his first all alone trekking trip and he had been superb. Enjoy and cherish the little firsts in your life and don’t lose heart there would be many firsts even when they grow up .:)

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