Mother’s Day is complicated for me now because all the women who hurt on mother’s day: I feel you, I see you, I see your discomfort , I see your sorrow. I know how it feels like 

I don’t want to scroll through perfect happy pictures of other mothers showering their love and prayers because I lost mine so I decided to put a happy picture of me with my son. The first thing he asked me “Do you miss your Mommy?”. I told him I miss her everyday and in everything. Today we spoke about Nanu during our pillow talk and I decided not to be sad rather cherish and reminisce all old memories through old pictures and videos.

I decided not to pour my heart out for my lost mum but I want to celebrate all women.

-The women who are hurt and lost their mothers.

– The women who are mothers without mothers

-The women who wish to be mothers but aren’t.⁣

– The women who allowed someone else to be a mother.⁣

-The women who have lost a child.⁣

-The women who feel they have failed as a mother.⁣

-The women who are not appreciated as mothers.⁣

-The women who are estranged from their mothers.⁣

And let me remind all, if today you are celebrating Mother’s Day then you are the lucky one!

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