One thing that helped me grow professionally, personally, and individually is my learning and adapting capability out of various situations. I am not someone perfect, but I feel comfortable in my own skin. I accept myself as who I am, if I can’t tolerate something I have guts to tell it off but guess what I recently learnt; its not necessary to say out loud what you don’t like!

I am learning not to be reactive in most situations, now I try to silently ignore the situations I do not like unless it is really needed to address it. I learnt its not worth to waste your energy on situations and people you cannot stand.

I am not a people pleaser, but I learnt, to convey a louder message you don’t have to hurt someone, be yourself without pushing hard on other to like or dislike you.

I am not brave enough to show my vulnerable emotion but guess what I learnt? I learnt my emotional vulnerability was a way to connect with many wonderful people.

I never had a clear picture on what I wanted from life, but I definitely knew what I didn’t want! I learnt saying no does not mean I dislike or reject the other person. I say yes to the person and no to the task.

I am learning it’s not my husband’s or friends’ responsibility to to make me feel valued, cherished, loved, whole, and complete; it’s mine. I should be the one responsible for my own happiness as a whole.

Being yourself is liberating and magnetic but I learnt I don’t need to explain myself for what I want and for who I am.

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