When I was starting new work project, I was very much motivated, excited and still am. I know it will be very hectic yet there will be a huge learning curve for me. I was happy to take on a challenge and did my complete homework before jumping into cold water. I am working these days more than usual but this is how normally consultancy works. I never shy away from hard work and learning new things.

I am leading a Techno-Functional team and I always try to listen to ideas from my team members. I am always friendly but don’t compromise on the quality of work that has to be delivered in a timely manner or escalated if someone is not able to deliver it. There are times when I jump in and work with them to shed off their load too.

It has been 8 years in IT and in Europe there are not lots of Women in technology yet they are supported in IT to move forward.

You try to change the world, try bringing equality but there are some phenomena which are hard to change; Men working under women leads. Many of them are threatened and this is true more or less everywhere in the world.

I have one male person working in my team who is so self-assured and arrogant and probably has serious issues working under a woman lead. The weird thing is: When a male boss is assertive then he seems very confident and decisive; however, if Woman tries to assert her authority with the same confidence she is perceived as aggressive and irrational.

I have concluded that even in 21st century when we talk about equality, women inclusion and gender pay gaps we still have issues with ambitious women because they are perceived as threats to the opposite gender at times. Women are viewed more comfortable in supporting roles than leading roles. We, Women are judged with a different lens than Men if we are confident we are labeled as Over smart, if we are proactive we are labeled as Overachievers, if we are competent we are called arrogant.
But I am determined and I just want to play my strength even if its stereotyped.

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