A first Monday morning of the month and that was her first day in new class.

She was a small girl who was always scared of changes. She entered her classroom with wobbly legs and would cry out a river sitting in the corner of her desk. She would dream Mommy is around and her big teary eyes used to get more sad when she found herself still in the school.

Today was her first art class and her teacher noticed all the anxiety and the struggle. The teacher was determined and she wanted to teach small girl a strategy she can use to to mental muscle her way through. She slowly came to the girl and asked why you look sad? Do you read Cinderella? The little girl nodded in affirmation. Do you know what would Cinderella do if she was sad like you? She would draw what scares her .
The little girl “ughh ok, I like drawing”

She was like a small scared bird, she was frightened of bugs, weird imaginary creatures and noise.
A week passed by and a little girl was somehow trapped into her anxiety and other kids would make fun of her.

The teacher was able to get over a little girl’s hangups and one by one girl drew some zigzag lines out of her anxiety that scared her.
The teacher said “That’s exactly what I want you to do regardless of any fears you might have, write it or draw it. This is your “Cinderella Effect“ “

A girl with a Cinderella Effect

That little girl smiled with twinkling stars in her eyes. She was happy to have that “Cinderella Effect “ with her. She knew if she gets scared now she would draw it or write in a small Cinderella pocket diary.

Later that little girl started to develop her own ideas, creativity, and imagination from her direct first-hand experiences. As she grew she felt confident and secure in herself because she knew she has her “Cinderella Effect “

This was me and my Cinderella Effect. What is your Cinderella effect?

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