I am sure many of us are struggling with anxiety these days, most of us are reaching an all-time high in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.
yesterday,I lost my Italian colleague who was healthy and hearty 2 weeks back I am trying to manage my emotions at this moment. I feel its OK to feel this way rather than fighting with them. Its part of healing..
Many things on mind; safety of older family members, balancing work life at the moment with a child at home. I believe in one thing, no matter what the situation is we can atleast try to prevent stress. This pandemic is affecting our lives in many ways, we don’t know what to expect in coming months.
I am not going to work, gym, park or mall. Not having a schedule to follow structure in this situation causing to feel even more anxious but i am still trying and staying positive.
I was feeling low and went for a quick jog, if you are low in isolation reach out to friends and family over phone, set up your wardrobe, just decide what else you want add and prioritise to overcome the isolation.
I am trying to focus on the things I can control but one thing i will keep holding …. is positivity 💓
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