Today I was browsing through my old books and I got my hands on one of the book which I took from Karachi with me. I opened that old book, smelled dusky like an attic room of our house- Nostalgia hit me so hard and it took me few minutes to come back in reality. I opened that old book and the yellowed turned pages, a dried up flower with age, musty smell transported me to a distant land of mine. These memories often leave behind the hint of precious moments.

We all have our firsts, first love, first friend, first job and a very first romantic novel. This was my very first book I got in my sweet 16: “Anne of Green Gables“. I was always an avid reader: Fiction , Romance , Biographies, History , Sufism and sometimes Adventures everything thrilled me. This used to be my adolescence, winters of 2002, time when I used to exchange books with my best friend. Just like a tidal wave all my college memories  were wrapped up in that one moment.
There were times when I had a liberty to finish a book in one sitting or overnight. I often faked a stomach ache so I could come back to my room and finish the book; the most precious and simple times. 
Today this  tattered book and its dusky smell is retelling me another favourite story of mine. 

Which book brings back your nostalgia?

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