Passing many Salesforce certification exams have been a big accomplishment and lot of hard work!I had been working on a goal to get on a track of ”Certified Salesforce Application Architect“ that required to pass 5 certifications in total and I had been rolling well on a track from last year and yesterday was my last exam to achieve it .

I was nervous during the exam because I felt I might fail it, I thought let’s try what If I fail! I will atleast know what areas of topics I will have to prepare again. Once I encouraged myself;  I was confident and I started the test again without fear. I kept marking the unsure questions for review and thought lets focus on the ones I know.
The worst was I marked 25 questions out of 60 for review and 39 needed to be correct in order to pass the exam. I reviewed the questions in last 30 minutes without fear of failure. What I learnt? When I didn’t allow the fear to defeat me I was able to focus on reviewed questions easily and answered them correctly. By framing a situation I was dreading differently before I attempted it, I was able to avoid some stress and anxiety.
Rethink about your fears and if you understand that reality going in, you can be prepared to wring the most value out of the experience, no matter the outcome is you will still not fail even when you fail. 

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