5 years old pictures down the memory lane
The looming threat of the coronavirus might keep loved ones at a distance but the excitement of having a new baby is inevitable. COVID times probably are not the best times for extended family to meet newborn and travel and we were lucky enough to live so close by to my Brother in law who recently had a new baby.

Trust me making a change from being a couple to being parents isn’t easy and many things in life change. The initial few months are the most difficult ones for the mother; she’s learning to cope with post pregnancy pains, sleepless nights, stitches, feeding issues and the new baby.

She is sore, she probably needs help mentally, emotionally and as a new mother please don’t push yourself hard no matter you feel you can do it all.

Ask for help no matter if it’s for a few days but it will make a difference. But hey! How much help do the new parents really need? Is she really ready to welcome all new visitors and family members which might add to her stress?

My personal experience says sometimes our visitors may end up being unintentionally cruel despite having gone through the same experience themselves. Please be kind to new mothers and ask them frankly if they are willing to receive your help and if they say yes; be considerate.
In next post I will share a list of things to avoid when visiting new parents.

P.S this pic is 5 years old and one of my favourite one that was taken few hours after Zayaan was born.

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