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In my worlds to see list; New York was one of the places I wanted to see and I am glad I could see it. For my work commitments I stayed in USA for half an year with my family and I was lucky to avail the long weekend opportunity. The time was short since it was totally unplanned weekend trip. One of my good friend from Germany also joined me there.

We were lucky to have hotel right in the heart of wall street and everything was accessible. It’s a total busy place with heavy security.

We knew one thing NYC is a walking city and the best way to get around will always be on foot to soak up the sights, sounds, smells, and experiences of any new place you visit. We came from Germany and we were well seasoned walkers.

In the night We planned to take a cruise to enjoy the New York’s skyline on the water. The cruise offered a 60 minutes’ ride and traveled South, past the Statue of Liberty, Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. The New York City skyline was beautiful. It was too windy, too loud but we were happy about everything. It was one of those moments when everything felt great with you and your best friend!

The next day we strolled to Brooklyn bridge, times square and to the other monuments like ground Zero and empire state building but there was nothing great than roaming around Times square in the evening. It is the most frenetic part of New York city, flashing lights, shoulder to shoulder crowds, the overload, chaotic and flashing billboards. Times square looked like a busiest and epicenter of NYC tourism including the best Broadway shows.

My recommendations are below for small weekend trip

If you are an ardent walker stroll the city from Brooklyn bridge to other monuments else book a city bus tour

Take a cruise in the night to statue of liberty, observe the sunset and enjoy the skyline

If you are desi eater don’t miss Shadman restaurant and Handi restaurant

Don’t miss Times Square in the mid night (if you have time watch Hamilton or Lion king )#travelblogger#hanimanzurblog#karachibloggers#newyorkcity#hanimanzurblogtravel

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