A very good advice I heard today is: If you feel like you’re handling each area imperfectly, you’re probably juggling all of them perfectly. I don’t subscribe to the idea that you can’t have it all. 

We need not to be perfect because no matter how hard we try to be best at everything sometimes your job wins and somedays your kid wins but the days when both of them win is random. I try my best but I have stopped feeling guilty about it. I try balancing my career and family and other responsibilities in a way that works for us. I do not compromise on my career and I also don’t compromise on my kid. Sure, it means longer days and more responsibilities but it’s what I wanted. When there’s a win aspect, there’s still a “lose” aspect to each of those individual days, and collectively it weighs on you unless you can accept that both your coworkers and your family understand the win days and the lose days.
We, Women are all powerful as home makers, career moms or anyone who is constantly juggling between study, work , family and home. Lets ditch the guilt by not shaming women on staying home, working long, being single, having no kid, having one kid or having several kids.

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