Sundays are the days when we love to unwind, watch movie and spend family time together.
These days when we are working from home and kindergartens are closed, house can’t be spick and span. I have lowered my bars and trying to involve all of us in house chores. I still remember my mother as a sole caretaker of a house and how hard she worked to keep the house in proper shape. I don’t exactly remember why it was always her who was supposed to takecare of house all alone? I often used to ask this question to her. I think the only thing she wanted us to do ; taking care of our own stuff in the room so they are not misplaced. One day my brother and I came back from school and Ami was not home and we got the keys from the neighbours to get home and later how sad Ami was that she wasn’t home when we got back from school to give us warm food and welcome us. My brother was upset too but I always felt why she had to be the world best provider all the time? Why did she articulate self imposed limitations and standards of a good mother?her needs were behind the family needs. She performed one of the most essential, yet grossly under-appreciated functions of supporting and managing the household.

I knew I was incapable of being just a homemaker. I never wanted to be like her and the question was not what was right or wrong ; question was how I wanted to be as a mother, a wife and a woman. Maybe she grew up as a giver and I wanted to grow up as a receiver and a giver. 
I always promised myself I would not be an epitome of self sacrifice like her. I would work, chase my dreams, live my life, tell my kids that I will work and we all have to manage the home together. I do cook and clean every day, and over the years I have found what works for me: chores division with my husband, fast-cooking gas cooktop, a great food processor, and the right utensils and cookers that together save lots of time.Despite all the differences in our personalities my Mother enjoyed the modern diversified version of herself in form of her daughter.

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