Failure is a way to success

Passing many Salesforce certification exams have been a big accomplishment and lot of hard work!I had been working on a goal to get on a track of ”Certified Salesforce Application Architect“ that required to pass 5 certifications in total and I had been rolling well on a track from last year and yesterday was my…

Relationship spark

You loved each other once, you were in love, you got married and many years passed by …and life is monotonous, life is a routine, you feel tired, you feel all consumed with chores. You go through old pictures and you see ; love, romance and liveliness. You think: where is the long-lasting spark? Why…

Anti-hacking tips for social media accounts/Websites/Blogs

Working in an IT firm we are always pushed and asked to complete a lot of Ethical and Anti-hacking training to avoid any kind of attacks. I recently witnessed: that so many bloggers were hacked either the website was hacked, Instagram account was hacked or even their email addresses were attacked. I received many training…

Travel diaries-France Camping

Camping is my favorite thing to do in Europe and over the years we have bought so many camping gadgets and go well prepared. My son thoroughly loves the complete camping preps. Its one of the best outdoor activity where your kids learn to understand about nature, helping and support. Enjoy the video.

Travel diaries- Switzerland

“Switzerland reminds me of the kid at high school who’s great at sports, has perfect hair, the best grades, and the teachers all love him. She’s just too perfect.”