There are times when we try returning to hobbies we enjoyed in the past. Trust me having a hobby that we enjoy brings us joy and enriches our life. I started doing calligraphy again! Yes, I used to do it in the past and gave a few as gifts and sold a few in Germany to an Arabic family. It wasn’t huge but I was happy with it. I stopped doing it because it’s difficult to store them properly especially if you can’t find home for all of them.

I keep trying to explore many areas of life. Sometimes I fall in love with them. It could be a place, an activity, new sport or anything creative. What I feel: Passion, hobbies and creativity is a wonderful outlet for escape and your personal expression. How did I learn it? I remember losing my mother last year and during that time I stopped painting, I was constantly stressed due to her prolonged illness, I travelled back and forth. I believe those who experience the death of parents or closed ones know what it is like to lose someone. It changes you, makes you crazy and you feel disoriented. It requires a lot of new adjustments in your life especially if you live alone far from closed family. There comes a time when you want to search that serenity inside you, you want to construct a new normal for yourself, redefine your new way of life.

I remember losing an interest due to grief and sadness for a long time and it did impact the pleasure circuits of my brain. I didn’t know what I like…travelling, painting, writing, swimming, badminton or doing nothing? I waited, I searched, and I tried for that time and spark to return. Does it sound similar to you, here is what I did to reconnect with my passions:

– I kept trying to keep myself busy with everything I used to love and realized I still love them. I was simply avoiding them, and it took time to feel it.

– I take out time daily to write/paint/read books. Anything that I like.

– I tried to connect in activities by volunteering. I met more people who enjoyed similar activities which encouraged me.

-I exercise 3-4 times a week and give myself space to think about everything I want to learn, try or get better at. Exercising gives your mind clarity.

– I dream about things that I never achieved, and I believe if I love something, I will break the rules, find beauty in it and go to sleep thinking about them.

Tell me about your hobbies?

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