You loved each other once, you were in love, you got married and many years passed by …and life is monotonous, life is a routine, you feel tired, you feel all consumed with chores. You go through old pictures and you see ; love, romance and liveliness. You think: where is the long-lasting spark? Why we don’t hold hands anymore under the stars, why my heart doesn’t throb like before, why my scent doesn’t make him crazy ?

You feel the spark is gone but it’s not! It can never go away if you learn to rekindle it in your life. When there is a desire to be together and dreams that resonate with both of you. 
You have grown together and had your share of compassion, fights, acceptances, challenges, forgiveness and reconciliations. You survived the difference of opinions and discomfort that came with differing ideas.The long lasting spark is now in a comfort zone where you sit together in the evening and binge watch. You don’t hold your hands under the stars but you hold each-other in a time of need and loss. Your heart doesn’t throb like before because it has a comfort of being home together. Your scent doesn’t make him crazy because you both enjoy the aroma of home cooked food together. You are home and growing together. Just as you need to breath to survive your love and partnership also needs a fresh air to flourish and that fresh air is a change to grow together.

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