Enjoy the process towards happiness and the journey becomes automatically exciting. I love to keep things simple, easy to manage and yet enjoyable. 

Today myself and Zayaan baked a simple cake for my husband’s birthday. He picked a beautiful coffee mug on Amazon for his Baba and we ordered it. Luckily just before birthday it arrived and we both managed to pack it and he was so excited to make a birthday card for his Baba. For him the whole process of planning a gift, creating a card and in the end baking a simple cake was quite an experience.

There were days when we actually celebrated with close friends provided our birthdays landed on the weekends. I have learnt over the years there is no hard and fast rule to cherish special days in your life. 

With kids love is in the little things and I started to understand the value of the moments which become memories to cherish together. After having a small birthday party at home we ended up watching some goofy movie together which was exciting because we watched it together on a week day this time. A simple yet beautiful celebration ended and we laid in bed and Zayaan attempted to prolong his bedtime and he expressed his feelings and recalled dozen of memories from last year birthday and today is yet another happiest day because  he did so many surprises for his Baba on his birthday. 

Signing off our day with a warm cup of tea , a cozy blanket, a nice movie and warm hugs .. ofcourse with a big piece of birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Jeevan Saathi!

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