We shouldn’t use others as barometer of our success. My life is different than yours and vice versa.
In past, I remember I had so much resentment when I practically lost 2 promotions within 3 years of my career. 1 year in pregnancy plus 1.5 year for maternity leave and another 6 months to ramp up after joining. That resentment went away after I lost my mother and I realised life is short and no matter how much planning we do, our future may still be uncertain.

Every year had been learning; I learnt gratitude and started to focus on what I can wrap my arms around in the present moment. I learnt my career doesn’t have to be perfect, My work will never finish. I learnt to be grateful and I express that gratitude to myself, write it down and say .

The moment I stopped looking for the next promotion the earlier it came into my plate, Ofcourse my hard work, persistence and upscaled trainings / certifications played a role too but I stopped measuring my professional progress against others. I am being appreciative of where I am in my career at this exact moment.
And, there are a few very compelling reasons that I pat myself on the back for what’s happening in my career right now. One of the quickest change I have now is to focus my attention on what’s good.

We should remember not to think that our life will be so much better just because of this one factor; career!

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