Part 2/2 guide to family/friends paying a visit to new parents
Below is a handy list when you are visiting new parents

– You want to help new parents to hold their newborn. I suggest you avoid holding newborn unless the new mum asks you to do so not everyone is comfortable and apprehensive letting others hold their newborn.
– When you are visiting or helping new parents please don’t expect a lot of snacks and cooked meals for you. The new mother needs rest but normally she gets least among the rest due to constant move with a baby. Instead, guests should really bring some food or healthy snacks as a nice gesture or cook when you are staying with them.
– Please don’t visit newborn when you are sick! Babies are still developing their immune system and need maximum protection from germs.
– Please don’t give unwanted advice to new mothers! Formula or breastfeeding? Your advice on baby’s looks, color and sleep will not help the new mother who is already anxious and confused enough and your unwanted advice will only worry her more. No advice unless she asks you for one.
– Last and important one!!! Don’t forget to ask how a new mum is feeling.

I myself have gone through this when everyone was cooing and focusing on a new baby everyone forgets the new mum who feels ignored. She needs attention and love too when family or visitors come over to visit.

All new mums..

Motherhood is strange and new. You look at a new baby thinking this little human looks a bit like me, sleeps, eats and poops only, barely looks at me and acknowledges but hang in there this shall pass and bonding will come just reassure yourself that soon you both will start learning to know each other.

Do you have any advice for family members when visiting new parents and a new baby? Share your experiences..

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