Yesterday my Father told me I wish I was in Karachi! I asked why? You seem to be happier in US with my brother? Oh yes I know but there is no ”Rehmat-e-Shireen“ and I paused for a moment. Do you remember beta I used to distribute meethai from Rehmat-e-Shireen on your every success? I said Yes abu I remember it but that used to be many many years ago. He said ”your mother and I never missed the moment to celebrate your success whenever you made us proud“.

Back in 2002, I asked him one day, ‘”Why my art and engineering degree can’t go hand in hand just why?Shouldn’t I quit painting because I chose Engineering as my degree?
He replied with a smile, “Success doesn’t require boundaries, you can keep doing both but you have to learn time management and there’s no harm in diversifying your life!”Lesson learnt and applied.

Now tell me What is you favourite hobby?

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