n general, I am normally not a fan of Zoos (wild animals should be in the wild and not in captivity), however this particular zoo @wildlandsnl is in my favourites now and it was indeed pretty awesome. if you stay in @centerparcsparcsandur then you will get discounted tickets of the zoo.
The good part: Animals’ enclosures are quite big for them to roam around freely and they also have the possibility to go into “hiding” if they don’t fancy being looked at (Lions, for instance).
My 4.5 years old son had ball of a time in the Zoo and interestingly it was very interactive, clean and there is enough staff around to explain things.

💓Highlights – Loads, but to pick a few 😄✅The old railway carriages you walk through to view the camels and donkeys. The penguin area you walk through – they just hop out of their enclosure and wander around near the visitors. ✅The adventure simulator with wonderful simulations of snowy penguins, underwater fishes , sky with birds and wild animals attacking in 3D was an immersed experience for my 4.5 years old. ✅The motor boat ride within enclosure where you can see elephants, monkeys, birds, fishes and ducks it feels like you are boating in a small jungle. ✅There are restrooms and small cafes everywhere to cool off in the hot weather. ✅The rollercoaster ride is really fun with kids. This is really an activity park cum zoo and you never get bored. ✅The indoor play area is amazing. I’ve never seen anywhere like this in Germany within a zoo.

The air condition in the whole place was amazing with the weather so hot outside. ♦️Total recommendation for anyone visiting #netherlands.

The park is certainly worth a visit and very much suited for children. A great outing for a complete family.

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