It‘s time to strike out the word “work Life Balance” from the vocabulary.  There is no work life balance most importantly after Covid.

Last night I was again sleep deprived as a result of 7 years old who is in quarantine and thinks why is he house arrested and not able to play outside with his friends. He sleeps again after 4am in my bed. The alarm of 6am wakes me up and since my son and cat both are early riser I must wakeup to serve them food. Later my early call starts at work which actually starts from 6.30 am where I have seriously pushed and requested to have mercy on me since it’s too early to start work.There are days when I take call in my pyjamas, later jump in the shower and another call while driving off my son for school drop off( in usual days).

Work from home after covid had been a serious threat to my sanity and challenge to my parallel processing habits. I get back home and series of calls start which is also followed by a school pickup at 1.00 pm because we have no After-school care since post covid no parents are using After-school care due to various restrictions in play areas therefore my son refuses to go and doesn’t want to stay as a lone kid. I have put a 40 mins break in my calendar so Iam able to provide him school pickup and later some food so he can eat quietly infront of TV and My focus can return on client deliverable but then comes an email from school that many kids and teacher are covid positive in class 1 therefore all kids from that class must stay home for a week in quarantine. You can go for testing for your peace if they are asymptomatic else stay indoor till the quarantine is over… 

My brain has been cursing me for running its power and energy more than it can handle in a day. It even  secretly whispered “Lady you want a career, raising a kid in foreign land without any family support and to top it all no fixed working hours these days”

Current situation has blurred the boundaries between my personal and professional life. 

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