These days people have my respect about how they can manage everything at home while working professionally too and I love seeing such resilient mothers and fathers everyday at work calls.

I learnt many new things in this time. We have started to share a lot about our private lives which was not the case before. One person is often complaining that how she’s juggling between home schooling of her boys and calls. The other how difficult it is for him to keep 3 years old away from his computer while he’s on call.
For me, being professional does not mean not talking about your private life. Instead I really enjoyed this interaction and the atmosphere when suddenly someone brings their kids or pets into the meeting once in a while. It connects people on a personal level. I personally believe being professional is rather about being reliable and trustworthy.

Routines and norms that once were, are not the same. We are all trying to adapt and forge ahead. Validating this behaviour speaks aloud for the teams. It’s probably the new best reality we all are trying to fit in.

When Zayaan asked me today why you are working from home ? Before when You used to pick me up you were not working.. because before I used to pick you up after finishing work but now you are going half day to kindergarten and I still have to finish work when you are home. He‘s confused and said “I miss the old time“.

Working from home is convenient and a need during COVID times. But I feel that integrating work and private life isn’t balance at all, yet it is allowing work to be more intrusive than ever. I used to come back home and kept my work life separate from home and my 2 cents there is a limit and I don’t want any “family time” to be also part of my working routine.

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