A very funny yet thoughtful message I received yesterday “Are you still studying?and why are you wasting your energy in studying so hard when you already have career?“

I found it funny because I remember as a kid when I had my first board examination in claSs 9th and I was always motivated to work hard to get into good college. The same applied after getting into good college that you must work hard to get into good Engineering Professional University. I was so happy that the stress and rut of stressful exams is over and had wonderful 4 years of my life at N.E.D university. I learnt about people, hypocrisy, friendships, diplomacy, hard work and lot more about life. Learning is a constant behaviour it could be environment, people, technology or language.

I found it thought provoking because we associate learning with an age and career infact learning new things throughout your life defines what you want from your life.

There are many things I regret not taking action on over last 10 years of my life. Maybe it goes back even further. Some of them I am sharing below:

  • Never waste your energy on wrong people and short term goals.
  • Never stop learning no matter which age and part of career it is. Keep growing by widening your horizons.
  • Focus on what you want to do, don’t stop until you’ve made it happen.

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